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550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe

China Hangzhou Suntech Machinery Co, Ltd certification
China Hangzhou Suntech Machinery Co, Ltd certification
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550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe

550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe
550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe
550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe

Large Image :  550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe

Product Details:
Place of Origin: ZHEJIANG, CHINA
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: STG-8C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 370/set
Packaging Details: Wooden case /ply wood
Delivery Time: 10working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 8000PCS/MONTH

550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe

Product Name: 2inch-8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Pipe Roll Groover Pipe Roller Groove Roller Factory Price Scope Of Application: 2inch-8inch
Working Range: φ60 Mm- φ 219mm Motor Power: 550w
Max Processing Wall Thickness: 6mm Packing Size: 90 * 64 * 68cm
G.W/N.W.: 66/54 KGS Package: 1wooden Case/set
Dimension: 700*405*700mm Origin: China
High Light:

Main Purpose Pipe Roll Groover


8'' Pipe Grooving Machine


2'' Pipe Grooving Machine

High quality 2inch-8inch Pipe Grooving Machine pipe roll groover pipe roller groove roller factory price

2inch-8inch Pipe Grooving Machine w/ 550W Motor, 6mm Wall Thickness
Pipe Roll Groover w/ Motor, Gear Motor, Knurl Wheel, Counter-weight
Pipe Roller Groove Roller, Oil Cylinder Body, Reset Spring, Steel Ball
High Quality Pipe Groover w/ Valve Seat, Oil Pump Assembly, Filter Screen
Factory Price Pipe Grooving Machine w/ Protective Cover, Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe


I. Main Purpose and Application Scope

As an indispensable mechanical machine of pipe clamp coupling installation, this machine applies to channeling processing of low-carbon pipes of various diameters, such as galvanized steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and stainless steel pipe. With advanced hydraulic system, good-quality high-efficiency hard-tooth gear reduction technology, compared with the same kind of product at home and abroad, this machine boasts higher efficiency, more stable quality, and thus turns into an ideal machine to guarantee engineering progress, enhance engineering quality and reduce labor intensity.


II. Technical Parameters

Max. channeling pipe diameter: Φ219mm
Min. channeling pipe diameter: Φ60mm
Max. processing wall thickness: 6mm
Motor power: 550W/50Hz
Boundary dimension: 700*405*700mm
Net weight: 54kg
Gross weight: 66kg

550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 0

1 Rack
2 Gear Motor
3 Protective Cover
4 Switch
5 Head
6 Handle
7 Oil Pump Assembly
8 Pinch Roller Base
9 Pinch Roller
10 Pinch Roller Axis
11 Knurl Axis
12 Knurl Wheel
13 Counter-weight Screw
14 Bracket Assembly

550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 1

1 Valve Seat
2 Oil Cylinder Body
3 Reset Spring
4 Seal Ring 30*2.65
5 Piston Rod
6 Seal Ring 80*3.1
7 Filter Screen
8 Seal Ring 5*1.8
9 Oil Suction Pipe
10 Seal Ring 50*42*10
11 Seal Ring 60*3.1
12 Seal Ring 16*24*5
13 Steel Ball φ6
14 Seal Ring 13*3.1
15 Split Washer 12*7
16 Pump Body
17 Plunger Rod
18 Scraper Seal 12*18*3.9/6
19 Handle Seat (Handle)
20 Locknut
21 Stop Nut
22 Scraper Seal 16*24*4.5/6
23 Air Bleed Screw
24 Seal Ring 12*2.4
25 Air Bleed Valve Body
26 Check Ring 11*8.3
27 Relief Valve Body
28 Relief Valve Core
29 Seal Ring 11*1.9
30 Valve Body
550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 2
550w 2inch - 8inch Pipe Grooving Machine Main Purpose Pinch Roller, Connecting Pipe 3

III. Learning of pipe grooving machine

A pipe grooving machine is a specialized tool used for creating grooves or grooved ends on pipes. These grooves allow for the installation of mechanical pipe couplings, which are commonly used in various industries for joining pipes together.


The process of pipe grooving involves cutting or forming grooves on the pipe's outer surface. This is typically done using a pipe grooving machine, which can be manual, hydraulic, or electrically powered.

Here's a general overview of how a pipe grooving machine works:

Preparation: The pipe to be grooved is measured and marked to indicate the desired groove location.

Setup: The pipe is secured in the grooving machine using clamps or other holding mechanisms. The machine's settings, such as groove depth and width, are adjusted according to the specifications of the coupling to be used.

Grooving: The machine's cutting or forming mechanism is activated, and it moves along the length of the pipe, creating the groove. The specific method of grooving depends on the type of machine being used.

1. Roll Grooving: In roll grooving, the machine uses grooving rolls that gradually press into the pipe's surface, forming the groove as the pipe rotates.

2. Cut Grooving: In cut grooving, the machine uses a cutting wheel or blade that removes material from the pipe, creating the groove.

Inspection: After grooving, the pipe is inspected to ensure that the groove meets the required specifications, such as depth and width, as specified by the coupling manufacturer.


Pipe grooving machines are commonly used in industries such as fire protection, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), plumbing, and industrial piping systems. They offer a fast, efficient, and reliable method for creating grooves on pipes, enabling quick and secure pipe connections using mechanical couplings.


It's worth noting that specific pipe grooving machines may have additional features and variations in their operation, depending on the manufacturer and model. Therefore, it's always important to refer to the machine's user manual and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and accurate operation.


IV. Points for Attention

1. During use, ensure reliable grounding and anti-creeping machine.

2. During use, loosen the air bleed screw of oil pump.

3. Strictly prohibit kids from touching the machine, in order to prevent accidents.

4. Prohibit sharing socket with large-power electrical machine, such as electric welding machine.

5. To add hydraulic oil, please use 20# hydraulic oil in summer and 10# hydraulic oil in winter.

6. During work, after pinch roller touches the pipe, please feed slowly; sway the hydraulic feed handle once after the machine rotates for more than one circle.

7. When the machine is stopped from use, please restore the pinch roller to max. clearance status, lock the pressure relief valve switch and tighten the air bleed screw of oil pump.

8. In case of pipe deviation during work, please adjust height of the bracket.


V. Transmission System

With crosshead shoe coupling, gear motor brings along principal axis to rotate, so as to further reduce mechanical power loss. Feeding action is completed with manual hydraulic system.


VI. Electrical System

Electrical system of this machine consists of one motor, one switch and connecting cable. The switch controls start and stop; the load is only one motor. Power supply shall meet motor requirements. Before start, ensure safe grounding.


VII. Operation and Adjustment

1. After start and during idling, inspect the operation of this machine.

2. Put one end of the pipe, which needs channeling, onto roller of this machine, and put the other end onto the bracket. The bracket shall be located at 3/4 of total length of the pipe. Adjust bracket height, so both ends of the pipe remain horizontal, or the bracket end is slightly lower for 1—2 degrees. Start the machine, and observe whether the pipe deviates. If the pipe deviates, adjust left and right position of the bracket, until the pipe doesn’t deviate.

3. To start working, lock pressure relief valve switch of oil pump, loosen air bleed screw of oil pump, and sway the handle of oil pump, so pinch roller touches the pipe. Start the machine, so pinch roller presses the pipe gradually. At the beginning, sway the handle of oil pump quickly, so as to form the original indentation. Then, sway the handle after the pipe is rotated for more than one circle.

4. Channel depth adjustment and limit: loosen the stop nut, and measure indentation depth of the first pipe. If it meets requirements, lock the stop nut, channel every pipe until more force is required to use the handle. Stop swaying the handle, wait for the machine to rotate for several circles, and loosen pressure relief valve switch. As a result, the pinch roller is reset automatically. At the time, turn off electricity and take down the pipe.


VIII. Maintenance and Care

1. Before start, inspect whether every moving part and the machine are normal, air bleed screw of oil pump is loosened, electrical part is intact and hydraulic oil is sufficient. On completion of work, wipe the working surface, apply anti-rust oil, add engine oil to movement junction, and lock pressure relief valve and air bleed screw of oil pump.

2. Add correct grade of hydraulic oil according to the user’s manual. Before adding, wipe dust from the hole orifice.


IX. Troubleshooting


Fault Phenomena Fault Analysis Troubleshooting
Voltage buildup fails 1. Pressure relief valve switch is not tightened. Tighten pressure relief valve switch
2. Check valve inside the valve body cannot be closed Dismantle and repair the check valve
Lack in oil Add hydraulic oil
It doesn’t work when swaying plunger rod of oil pump 1. Insufficient oil Add hydraulic oil
2. Too dirty oil blocks the oil suction hole Wash oil line and replace hydraulic oil
3. Fitting surface of oil suction valve leaks Remove the small oil cylinder; use a tool to knock the steel ball of oil suction valve
4. Oil seal of small piston is damaged Replace the oil seal.
Principal axis of oil pump leaks oil Oil seal of principal axis of oil pump is worn or burred Replace oil seal of principal axis
Pipe deviates seriously 1. Bracket height and direction are improper Adjust the bracket
2. The lower knurl wheel is worn Replace it
3. Pinch roller bearing is damaged Replace it
Oil suction is not smooth 1. Oil line is blocked Remove sundries from oil line
2. Large vacuum degree Discharge air
3. Excessive viscosity of hydraulic oil Replace hydraulic oil

Our service:
1. How long is your machine warranty?
Warranty of our product is one year(Artificial damage and incorrect use is not included), within warranty period ,we will offer free part and maintain video ,or ever can teach you face-to-face, if machine have serious quality problem ,we support to back .
2. What is your shipping way ?
Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT), by air, Or Sea. We will choose one shipping way to suit customer’s request.



1. Who are we?
We are professional plumbing tools company located in Hangzhou city of China, we are close to Port Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu. We mainly sell to North America, Europe and the Middle East countries. Our client are tools wholesaler and comnpany for specific constrution project such as fire fighting pipeline building etc.
2. How can we guarantee the quality?
We will test at least one pipes on every machine before shipping out. Some of our heavy duty models works well after even 7 or 8 years according to our client feedback, for all of our machine we offer one year warranty.
3. What can you buy from us? All kind of pipe tools and plumbing tools, such as pipe threading machine, pipe grooving machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe hole cutter, manual and electric pipe bender as well as the test pump.
4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We focus on quality piping tools and machinery and service. We have almost all kind of pipe tools, place order to us we can mix various models in one shipment. Speaking:English,Spanish,Japanese,Portuguese,German,Arabic, French,Russian,Korean,Hindi,Italian
5. How long is the leadtime?
Since the voltage of machine motor are customized, usually the lead time will be 30 days after payment.
6. How can you place order?
We accept T/T payment directly to our company account. We can ship by sea to sea port nearest to your city or ship to door. We do not have MOQ for our machines, we can ship any quantity but it is highly recommened to make order amount not less than USD2000.00, because according to our experience if the order are in small amount the sea shipping adding tarrif makes it not cost-effective.

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